"A little bit Tom Waits, a little bit B-52's, a little bit Jim Jarmush ("Mystery Train"), a little bit "Pee Wee's Playhouse."

David Herndon Newsday

"Not merely a bohemian-dive hotel but a constantly evolving conceptual art-project, the Carlton Arms boasts some of the most striking quarters in Manhattan"

The Independent, London

"A live-in museum" People Magazine

"It ain't no Holiday Inn, but it's good art: rooms of it. It might be the perfect place for a very dirty weekend."

Aliox Sharkey, Sunday Times



"It's a riot of visual cacophony-each room is a site-specific installation, each hallway a trip through somebody else's dreamspace"

New York, Newsday



"The Carlton Arms Hotel, one of New York's most remarkable and under-celebrated bohemian art enclaves "

Stacey Anderson, Newsweek
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"The Carlton Arms, where the atmosphere suggests a set from a Tennessee Williams play, a Fellini movie and a Kerouac novel."

NY Daily News

"Trust a host of foreign students and travelers to have discovered this Gramecy hideout where up-and-coming artists from all over the globe take their talent to the walls."

Elle Magazine


"It's the cheapest, hippest deal in town."

Elle Magazine


"Through word of mouth and by advertising to a thrifty European clientele, the Carlton Arms has become a watering hole for arty eccentrics, a kind of downscale Chelsea Hotel for the 90s."

Ed Morales , The Village Voice


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