The Carlton Arms Hotel
160 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
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The artists in their own words…

Dan Bern - 3D

Me: "Lulu, what should I paint?"
Lulu: "Cats! Taxis! Crazy!!!"

André van der Kerkhoff - 15D

“Without those who dare to swim against the norm, the world would be beige and boring!”




Christian Schilling - 6C

"The design of room 6C is inspired by New York's Art Deco architecture found throughout in the city, most prominently in the iconic Chrysler building. The colours and textures were chosen in order to play with ideas around palatial rooms and to create a stage-like environment to be inhabited by the hotel guests.
The paintings on the panels depict everyday scenes of New York and mix New York's history and present time, combining comic style painting and theatre design."

Andrea Clinton - 8B

"In residency at the Carlton arms I was faced with creating an entity where one can escape the world of Manhattan and close the door tightly... As a classically trained figurative painter working in the tradition of humanism....
My femme figurines reside in timelessness contained in a moment...being against gravity, while creating its own abyss...I invite you to peer into the light on form of this chamber, and ponder/decide if what is seen or seems is but a dream within a dream "

Rob O'Connor - 2B

Logorrhea Borealis

"My work for 2B is an immediate and direct response to New York City. When I first arrived in New York in 2013, I was immediately confronted with the expected clichés of diners, neon signage, flags, jazz bars, all of those unreal fantasies. Something seemingly insignificant that really caught my attention were the trash bags piled up on street corners. While living in Long Island City, I would walk past a pile of trash bags daily on my way to Queensboro Plaza. Every day/ week/ month it grew, one fantastically-colored plastic bag at a time. This hideous out-of-control garbage pile said everything to me. The bags I have painted are imaginary. The shapes and colors are abstractions drawn from memory and what pattern and rhythms of nature I can feel and observe from my studio window and strolls around the city. Within an image of urban waste I have tried to capture - in brief painterly moments - some true sense of nature."

The photo shows…


Alison Nguyen: Night-Shift

As Alison Nguyen shows us in Night-Shift, time is like a cloud of cigarette smoke, something nebulous, ever expanding and retreating, and if we try to take its measure we may only let it slip through our fingers. In Nguyen's photographic nocturnes, memory and even time itself shift--rooms widen and narrow, figures are visited by their own ghosts, darkness creeps in at the edges. The mundane day-to-day--night-to-night--workings of a hotel slip loose from their moorings and enter another world completely. In these images, Nguyen elides the distinctions between performance and documentation, between observation and hallucination.


Alex Wolkowicz: Aftermath

'aftermath' (working title) is an ongoing photography project by Alex Wolkowicz, documenting the Carlton Arms' hotel rooms as they are left behind by their occupants. Wolkowicz accesses the empty rooms during the brief window of time after checkout, when they are about to be reverted into rooms with nobody's personal history attached to it. With the rooms still smelling of the people who just left, Wolkowicz catches intimate insights into abandoned temporary homes… She is left with the debris of a time spent here behind closed doors, gathering evidence of lost (hi)stories…



Darek Solarski : (P)hotelgraphy

Photographing artists at the Carlton Arms Hotel is always a very unique experience...Hotel's environment, creative personalities, walls of paint...trying to capture those few moments when the time stops...and then again all goes on...



Ivey Balderson
room 2C

Magical figures are coming out of the blank walls of room 2C as Ivey Balderson struggles with his tools and mixes of "yeso" and other materials to create an unique universe of his own where his characters, forms and shapes colide and interact in what seems to be a peaceful dialogue. The artist's transformation of the walls of 2C will be shown in March.

Albin Wiberg
room 14C

"Painting to me is relieving and expressing a mood or a feeling from inside, subconscious as well as registrations and interpretations of everyday life social, emotional and general. I do whatever it takes to create that certain feeling." says Albin Wiberg who came from Sweden to participate in our art project. In two weeks of work he expressed himself in the walls of 14C and marked NYC with his art.

Katie Merz
room 14B

It's great for the Carlton Arms Art Project to have Katie Merz commited to paint one of our rooms.
From Brooklyn, NY, Katie is nationally know for her particular paintings, murals and projects. She is what we call an "iconic" New York artist and having her paintings in our walls make us proud.


Eléonore Josso
room 7D

Parisian artist Eléonore Josso showed her latest beautiful works at the Artbreak Hotel Gallery in 2011 in an exhibit titled "Tempest in a Teapot."
This year she came back to participate in the Carlton Arms Art Project and took her art to the walls of room 7D.

Young, talented and infatigable, her works have been part of numerous exhibits in different cities in Europe and the US.



Alex Wolkowicz
room 8D

Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK and Bonn/Germany.

Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories. She works with still and moving imagery often with the addition of sound.



Christina Dallas
Photo exhibit in rooms 1A & 3A

Christina Dallas is a American artist and photographer who's work is installation based,and not digitally composed. Her photographs are created from her installations, which are set up for the camera.
Her work seeks to speak of the magical and spiritual properties of photography. The camera as a tool of documentation that captures matter and acts as a conduit of light. She will be exhibiting both her photographies and an installation.



Darek Solarski
"Dirty Laundry Darkroom"
Photo exhibit in room 4A

Darek Solarski, NY artist, photographer and musician has been involved with the Carlton Arms Art Project for almost 10 years.
Among other works he created room 11A in 2006 and the lobby's mural 'Foyer Wall' in 2007.
Over the years, his photographs of events and artists working in the hotel rooms accumulated to an interesting body of work that can be described as documentary, abstract, bizarre.






Swedish born artist Emil Tibell started working in the transformation of room 6A.

A freelance illustrator based in Harlem, New York , Emil’s visual discourse dabbles in the tradition of memento mori, the visual reminder of the transience of life on this earth, found in the recurring symbols of mortality and ephemeral corporal existence. Fed by occurrences in his personal life, he also seeks to portray the grueling human struggle with malice, addiction, loss and love.

The murals will be shown to the public by the end of winter.

Visit to see more of this artist work.






Blaide Lallemand and Hilary Cuerden-Clifford from Australia won the second prize of the international art competition "Charlatan Ink Art Prize 2011" with the photographic piece "Journey to Morning: 5 Sleepers."

Part of the prize was a residenship with the Carlton Arms Art Project.

Blaide just arrived from Australia and her idea is to reciprocate the awarded work with photo prints and a live projection into the walls of room 8B (photo)

Click here to see the awarded piece.

More about Blaide Lallemand





Artist Frans Franciscus from The Netherlands
works as an contemporary Master on his paintings.

His works present an exhibition highlighting modern art, mostly inspired by classic European paintings. His sources of inspiration include pieces by painters like Hendrick ter Brugghen, Caravagio and Rogier van der Weyden.

He combines or re-arranges compositions of old masters depicting biblical stories in an up-to-date and idiosyncratic fashion. Scenes from his own environment are added and characters are restyled without losing their original role. His works derives its meaning in part from the tension he contrives to generate between his admired example and his own creation.




Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK and Bonn/Germany.

Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories. She works with still and moving imagery often with the addition of sound.





Alexis Eggertsen is a Seattle based musician, writer and media artist. Her work alternates between sensual and synesthetic meditations on natural rhythms and relationships, and sarcastic and comedic reflections on contemporary life. She is currently working on the Artbreak video installation and her debut album, both which speak to each other, as well as further developing Digiself, an interactive performance she co-wrote, co-directed and tech directed, and which debuted at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival.

She recently placed second in the international "Charlatan Ink Art Prize 2011" competition, and part of the prize is a residency at the Carlton Arms. Here, she is filming footage in preparation for a new video art installation about the boundaries and breakthroughs of the creative process. She will merge documentary footage of the other artists working at the Carlton Arms with her own private explorations of the individual hotel rooms. This will be in turn woven with with symbolic and colorful representations of creative frustration, exploration and breakthrough. Half of the footage will be shot inside the walls of the Artbreak Hotel, and the other half will be shot in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, and will pull from both the comedy and sensuality of her past work.

More about Alexis Eggertsen




Eva Silverman, a designer and photographer from Oakland, CA, is a New Jersey native, who grew up going to Bensonhurst, and in her teens discovered the Lower East Side through punk rock

Eva never feels more at home than when she is in New York when her accent is in full effect and she can jaywalk as efficiently as possible.

She is currently working in "Mapping Roots NYC" in room 7C, an art installation that spans NYC in geography and history. It features a simplified map of NYC spanning two walls, with alternative points of history that have been important to the three generations of her family, intertwining the stories of a changing city, with that of her immigrant family’s history.

The map will cover 2-3 walls the room and the fourth wall will be covered in chalkboard paint so that those who visit the room will be able to mark their own points of interest in the city, giving the project an interactive element and inviting collaboration.

Follow Eva's journey at the Carlton Arms

"Pushcart" and more about Eva Silverman



For the third time in the last 15 years, Rodney Dickson came to the hotel and did a total transformation to the walls he has been using as canvasses for his evolving concepts.

Born in Northern Ireland in 1956, Rodney Dickson is a resident of Brooklyn, New York, where he first came in 1992, as an International Studio Artist at P.S.1 Museum.

He has exhibited his work internationally during the past 15 years and has received many prestigious awards and prizes.

His work can be found in several important public collections in U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

His most recent solo exhibition at CAVE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, showcases his large canvas paintings including a work based on the theme of the Vietnam War, a subject he has periodically revisited over the past 15 years.


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