at The Carlton Arms Hotel
160 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
212 679 0680





The Carlton Arms Art Project started in the early 80's when manager Ed Ryan set out to break the cycle of years of despair and neglect in The Carlton Arms Hotel, at the time a depressing and dark welfare hotel. As rooms were vacated, they were no longer re-rented to welfare tenants, but instead were scrubbed, repaired and repainted.


Artists began to pass through the hotel and as jobs opened up, Ryan, invited several of them to work at the front desk. In 1983 artist and front desk clerk Gil Dominguez painted a series of murals on the five-flight staircase. Later that year, he and fellow worker and artist Colette Jennings began paintings murals on small panels within several rooms. In 1984 Brian Damage, a renowned downtown artist, began painting "The submarine room" and with this, the idea for a complete artist's transformation of the rooms started.


The art seemed a physical manifestation of the positive transformations possible within the old building. The project definitively settled in the years that followed with the participation of dozen of artists from all over the world who gradually transformed the place into what is called today The Artbreak Hotel, New York City's art hotel. With every room and every inch of space covered, it is a vibrant permanent exhibition of art.


"A window in New York for artists from around the world" (Sunday Times)

"A live-in museum" (People Magazine)


Artists who participated in the project:

Helen Adelson, Christian Ashman , Banksy, J. Baron, Sabine Benninger, Dan Bern, Jim Bilgere, Tom Billings, Elodie Boutry, Andre Bowen, T.J. Byrne, Stevens Carter, Anibal Ciccardi, Andre Charles, Cern, Josy Cobb, Elisha Cook Jr., Nathalie Daoust, Philippa Dawkins, Elisa Decker, Jennifer Sands Deane, Clara De Jesus, Julie Dermansky, Gerarddiaz, Rodney Dickson, Irene Dogmatic, Gil Dominguez, Brian Dowdall, Noelle Elia, Claire Favretto, Doug Ford, Bettino Francini , Teal Fraser, Garance, Kath Green, Bruno Hadjadj , Richard Hambleton, Olivia Hamlyn, Christina Back, Demian Henriques, Sam Henriques, Brigitte Henry, Ty Inwood, Jonah Kamphorst, Billi Kid, Julius Klein, Christine Koenig, Robert Lewis, Jeff Kolasinski, Dominique Lagneaux, Raken Leaves, Danielle Lesniewski, Leslie Lowe, Jackie Levitt, Julia Lisowski, Andi Luzi, Diana Manni, Gabriele Undine Meyer, Venus de Mars, Gus Murphy, Jim and Karla Murray, Issa Nyaphaga, Jason Roberson, Michael Roller, Rachel Rowberry, Jack Ryan, Anna Schmidt, Matthew Septimus, Robert Seven, Paco Simon, Darek Solarski, Dan Stuart, Miriam Tobias, Mike Tyler, Toye, Josette Urso, Jean Michel Verret, Cara Vida, H. Walters, Andre Van Der Kerkhoff, Diza Hope, Robert Hernandez, David Cooper, Ottjorg A.C, Jeffrey Schweitzer, Onek, Matt Saunders, Magnus Irvin, James Zirco Fisher, Kid Lew, Bobby MaGee Lopez with the Manhattan Mural Project.


The Carlton Arms Art Project (c) 1995